Interior Ceramic Coatings

Interior ceramic paint coating is great for protecting your truck’s interior surfaces. This type of coating is made of extremely small particles that seep into the microscopic pores of the plastic, fabric, and leather. This coating makes the interior surfaces resistant to sun damage, liquids, and scratches. Interior ceramic coatings add a hydrophobic effect with […]

Paint Correction

Does the paint on your vehicle need restored or rejuvenated? At Trucks Plus in Omaha, we provide top of the line paint corrections to all vehicles. By using a specialized machine and polishing equipment to slowly remove imperfections to make the surface smooth and like new again. Waxes and sealants are applied to help protect […]

Floor Liner

Omaha Truck Floor Liners At Trucks Plus, we are proud to provide high quality truck floor liners to protect your truck’s interior. We know you take great pride in your truck’s appearance and performance. Our floor liners are carefully designed to cover your truck’s interior floor and prevent the accumulation of dirt, mud and grime […]

Bed Spray on Liners

OMAHA TRUCK BED SPRAY ON LINERS Trucks Plus can service all of your truck bed spray on liner needs in the Omaha area. Our Trucks Plus professionals can provide you with spray on liner to protect the bed of your truck. Our high quality truck bed spray on liners protect your truck bed from dings, […]

Rust Proofing

At Trucks Plus, we are dedicated to improving your truck’s durability. Often rust prevention is overlooked when it comes to protecting the exterior of your vehicle. Rust can really do some damage to your vehicle so why not protect it from the start? At Trucks Plus, we know that you’ve made an investment in your […]

Clear Bra

Omaha Truck Clear Bra Protection At Trucks Plus, we offer high quality clear bra protection for your truck. Clear bra protection defends your truck’s paint from the perils of the roads in Omaha and the surrounding area. We know that your truck is an important investment, and it deserves to be preserved as much as […]