Ceramic Paint Coatings

Ceramic paint coating is great for protecting your truck from the Omaha weather. Ceramic paint coatings are also known as Nano coating because of how it seals to your car. This type of coating is made of extremely small particles that seep into the microscopic pores of the paint. This coating makes the paint resistant to water, dirt, UV radiation, scratches, chemicals, and extreme heat. Ceramic paint coatings add a glossy shine while also adding a lot of protection from most of the degradation that other truck owners worry about on a daily basis.

At Trucks Plus, our top priority is ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of your truck and its accessories. We know you have high standards for your truck’s performance, and we do everything we can to meet or exceed those standards, which is why we only sell products and truck accessories that we believe are of the highest possible quality. We also offer installation to ensure that these top-notch products work as effectively as possible.

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